Kenya Airways Welcomes the World’s Fastest Passenger Jet

Kenya Airways has marked a new milestone after receiving the Embraer E190-E2 – ‘world’s fastest and most efficient’ passenger jet. The airline has acquired Embraer E190-E2 from Brazilian aircraft maker Embraer S.A. It is the latest addition to Kenya Airways’ fleet and the largest E190 operator in Africa. The aircraft was first introduced during the Paris Air Show in 2013. The aircraft has a capacity of 98 to 106. Also, E190-E2 has become the largest E190 operator in Africa.

The latest E190 will offer world-class in-flight entertainment technology and improved comfort with additional shoulder room. The airline has good commercial relations with Embraer to boosts its fleet and helps in improving the flight network. The induction of the E190-E2 is an epoch-making moment for the airline. The latest aircraft cut down the fuel by more than 17% and it has become the quickest passenger jet in the world.

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